leaves  The Teapot

Even after centuries of tea drinking, the traditional teapot still brews the best cup. It is generally considered a good practice to have one teapot for each kind of tea so as to not mix flavours while brewing. Black tea especially, can season a teacup and affect the flavour of lighter teas. Teapots are available in a variety of materials including cast-iron, clay, glass, porcelain, silver and earthenware. Around the world, each respective culture involves preparing and drinking tea in distinctive way, including the kind of teapot used.

Brewing Pot

leaves  Brewing Temperatures and Times

While a lot depends on taste and the number of cups of tea one is preparing, here are some basic guidelines based on the kind of tea:

Brewing table
Brewing kettle

leaves  Preparing the Perfect Pot of Tea

When brewing multiple cups of a kind of tea, the teapot is still the best way to go. If you are using tea bags, the general rule is to use one tea bag per serving, plus one for the pot, in about 15ml of hot water per serving. For full-leaf loose tea, you will need one teaspoon of leaves, plus one for the pot in an infuser or strainer. Brew the tea for the proper amount of time depending on which tea it is, and then serve hot.

Brewing kettle

leaves  The Final Step: How to Drink Tea

Once the perfect cup of tea is ready, don’t forget to savour each bit of it. Drink in sips rather than gulps, take the time to inhale the aromas and pair with a little snack, a good book or the perfect company!

Brewing Cup
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